My Story: Understanding the Bible Changes Everything


For me when I read the BIBLE I had difficulty understanding some of the words and was a bit complicated, with the NLT the Words is a lot easier to understand and take in my Spirit. I know a lot of people say you read and leave everything down to the HOLY SPIRIT TO GIVE YOU HIS OWN UNDERSTANDING but if you don’t get that for yourself how will you know when OUR FATHER SPIRIT IS TALKING WITH YOU? I think I need a little understanding for myself to. Thank you for giving me a little more understanding of who I am in CHRIST JESUS. GOD BLESS YOU ALL FOR THINKING OF PEOPLE LIKE me AND CARING ABOUT US. Have a Bless day in Jesus Name.

2 thoughts on “My Story: Understanding the Bible Changes Everything

  1. Thank you for sharing. I have been feeling pulled towards developing a better relationship with God. How I do this is every morning when I wake up I thank God for his grace and ask him to guide and protect me throughout my day and when he see’s that I am leaning towards the wrong direction, I ask him to give me a nudge, that intuitive sinking feeling, when you know you shouldn’t do something, but do it anyway, then later justify your actions, even though you knew it was wrong in the 1st place. To begin growing a relationship with God, I believe you have to nurture it as well as read his word and to the best of our abilities by practicing the principles in every aspect of our lives.

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