My Story

Just like it says it speaks right to heart. I understand everything it say without having to read it again.

My Story: Understanding the Bible Changes Everything

Louise For me when I read the BIBLE I had difficulty understanding some of the words and was a bit complicated, with the NLT the Words is a lot easier to understand and take in my Spirit. I know a lot of people say you read and leave everything down to the HOLY SPIRIT TO […]

My Story: NLT App

Obiora thank you so much I always enjoy this Bible Translation new living translation that I went and bought the hard copy though it was hard to see and the cost wasn’t a problem I enjoyed it enjoyed reading it and enjoying the audio part of it as in I can read my Bible with […]

My Story

“I just started reading the NLT, and I think it is by far the best version of the bible. It is easy to understand, and gives the reader the sense that they are reading a story.” Judah

My Story: Life Application Study Bible

Antoinette When I got saved 18 years ago, my first Bible was the Application Study Bible hard green cover. Now I’ve had three so far. I read it until it falls apart! So now I have two, The New King James Large print and the hard Green cover NIV. I Love them!