Immerse: Prophets Is Here!

Immerse: Prophets, the final volume to be released in the Immerse: The Bible Reading Experience series, is now available! This volume takes you through the prophetic words of the Old Testament prophets grouped together by four historical periods. Before the fall of Israel’s Northern Kingdom: Amos Hosea Micah Isaiah Before the fall of the Southern Kingdom: […]

5 Tips for Reading the Bible in Community

Immerse: The Bible Reading Experience was created to be read in community, but we are often asked “where do I even start?” Our friends at the Institute for Bible Reading share some tips on how to read the Bible as a group. 5 Tips for Reading the Bible in Community// In a recent survey the […]

We Thank God for the Life and Ministry of Billy Graham

Billy Graham was a quiet man of God, but he was also a visionary. He led hundreds of thousands to a personal faith in God. His books influenced millions. Many ministries can point to ways in which their work was deeply influenced by Mr. Graham. That is certainly true for us at Tyndale House Publishers. […]

Communal Reading In the Time of Jesus: How Did the First Christians Learn the Bible?

So many of us are getting into the Word of God in personal study. This is important, but we often forget the importance of coming together as a community and reading God’s Word together like they did in the early church. Communal Bible reading is at the heart of Immerse: The Bible Reading Experience. Read what […]

Open My Eyes

by Kevin O’Brien, brand manager for Study Bibles and Bible Reference at Tyndale House Publishers. Sometimes it all seems like too much. Life presses in, and I am going to implode under the pressure. It’s not supposed to be like that. I know better. I mean, I really know better. Not sort of, not I […]