The Man God Picked

With Father’s Day approaching we think about the men who have played an important role in our lives. Not all of us were raised by our biological fathers, but most of us can think of a man who had a significant impact on who we are today. Even Jesus had a parental figure who was […]

What GQ’s Bible Evaluation Gets Wrong

Read the response from our partners at the Institute for Bible Reading concerning what GQ got wrong in its Bible evaluation. Glenn Paauw is a leading expert on Bible reading and development. Here is what he has to say:  by Glenn Paauw, Institute for Bible Reading The editors of GQ magazine recently assembled a list […]

From Busyness to Purpose

It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and forget the purpose of life. The writer of Ecclesiastes reminds us that God isn’t “all work and no play.” He has given us wonderful gifts to enjoy and he loves seeing his people appreciating those gifts. But of all his gifts, his love […]

Scripture Union Africa Sees the Power of a Bible in Ghana

Since 1963, Tyndale House Foundation has been involved in supporting ministry on the continent of Africa. Scripture Union Africa is one of the many ministries that Tyndale House Foundation supports.  The former President of Scripture Union Ghana, Jude Hama, came to Tyndale House Publishers recently and shared the ongoing need for Christian literature distribution in […]

Think the Bible Is Boring?

Think the Bible is boring? Think again! The Bible is filled with amazing, powerful stories that make blockbuster movies seem like a yawn. But for kids, sometimes the just sitting and listening can make the Bible seem less engaging. That’s where the Hands-On Bible comes in. Loaded with activities this full-text Bible makes family devotion […]