My NLT Story: Freed from the Grip of Grief

by Molly Jo Nyman If grief were a destination, no one would choose to go there. It’s the inescapable, often unforeseen turns that land us in that sorrowful place. We’re told grief is something we must go through, but what if the dark tunnel goes on and on? What if we find ourselves stuck there? […]

Two New Scholars Appointed to NLT Bible Translation Committee

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Lynn Cohick and Dr. Nijay Gupta have been appointed to the Bible Translation Committee (BTC) for the Holy Bible, New Living Translation. The New Living Translation (NLT) was first published in 1996, and since then more than 50 million copies have been sold. It is consistently among the […]

New Living Translation Principle 7: Style

The Bible includes many types of literature, from storytelling to poetry to serious teaching. Some content lifts you up, and some makes you sad. Its writers are warm and contemplative, tough and abrasive, full of praise and steeped in sorrow. There is a lot to deal with and much to consider in the eternal messages […]

New Living Translation Principle 6: Life

We know that the Word of God is alive and powerful (Hebrews 4:12). The Bible is not just an ancient artifact to be protected. If that’s all it was, it’d be enough to just visit it in a museum and see the old manuscripts in Hebrew and Greek. But Scripture is alive, and it has […]

New Living Translation Principle 5: Courage

The New Living Translation has roots in a bold drive for biblical accessibility and a commitment to helping everyday people connect with God and his Word. Since Tyndale House Publishers was founded, our approach to Bible publishing has bucked publishing trends andconventions. Fifty years ago, Kenneth N. Taylor, founder and translator, understood the importance of […]

Who Wrote the Psalms?

The Psalms are some of the most beloved Scriptures. They were they hymnal of the Israelites and continue to be an important part of worship today. But who wrote the Psalms? Let’s find out from the Life Application Study Bible. David wrote many of the psalms, but not all of them. We know of at […]

God At Work at Cass County Jail

God is at work at the Cass County Jail in Fargo, ND. Using the Life Recovery Bible the chaplains are able to bring God’s hope and healing to inmates. Watch this video and hear the stories of transformation. Learn more about the Life Recovery Bible Purchase the Life Recovery Bible

Grow Up

“Dear brothers and sisters, when I was with you I couldn’t talk to you as I would to spiritual people. I had to talk as though you belonged to this world or as though you were infants in Christ. I had to feed you with milk, not with solid food, because you weren’t ready for anything stronger. […]

Psalms: An Emotional Roller Coaster

The book of Psalms is filled with all kind of emotions. Check out this infographic from the Wayfinding Bible to see the range of emotions the writers of Psalms expressed. Learn more about the Wayfinding Bible

Worship Reading Plan: Day 5

“What mighty praise, O God, belongs to you in Zion. We will fulfill our vows to you, for you answer our prayers. All of us must come to you. Though we are overwhelmed by our sins, you forgive them all. What joy for those you choose to bring near, those who live in your holy courts.What […]