Word Studies in the New Living Translation:  Sheol and Abaddon

Hebrew:  שְאוֺל  (Sheol), אֲבַדּוֺן (Abaddon)English:     the grave, destruction by Mark D. Taylor, NLT Bible Translation Committee The New Living Translation is careful to translate the meaning of the original language (Hebrew, Greek, or Aramaic) texts rather than simply providing a word-for-word, literal rendering of those texts. This allows the reader to read the text and […]

Nebuchadnezzar or Nebuchadrezzar (king of Babylon)

by Mark D. Taylor, Chairman / CEO, Tyndale House Ministries Nebuchadnezzar II was king of Babylon for 43 years—from 605 to 562 b.c. He is mentioned in many ancient Babylonian documents, and he played a pivotal role in the fall of the Kingdom of Judah. As described in 2 Kings 24:1—25:26, Nebuchadnezzar invaded Judah three […]