Immerse: The Reading Bible is Finished

Along with our friends at the Institute for Bible Reading we are so excited that the final volume of Immerse: The Reading Bible has been published. Here is a blog post from Alex from the Institute for Bible Reading on completing the project.

Immerse: The Reading Bible is Finished


This week our team is celebrating the completion of Immerse: The Reading Bible, a project we’ve been working on with our partners at Tyndale House Publishers for the past eighteen months. Immerse: Prophets arrived from the printer in late February and rounded out the six-volume set, which represents our best work yet in the “reader’s edition” Bible category.

Immerse: The Reading Bible contains several new innovations compared to our previous work with reader’s Bibles:

  • We used scientific research on the length of the reading line, number of characters, margin size, and font size to find the optimal balance for the most comfortable reading experience.
  • A fresh book order in the prophets, the order of Paul’s letters, and the order of the four gospel groups in the New Testament
  • Custom watercolor cover artwork commissioned specifically for Immerse
  • Brand new sections in the back of each volume explaining how each type of biblical literature works, and how the smaller stories of the Bible work together to create the grand narrative

The first two volumes, Messiah and Beginnings, have already found significant traction within churches across North America as part of the Immerse: The Bible Reading Experience church campaign.

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3 thoughts on “Immerse: The Reading Bible is Finished

  1. I hope the funds are in place to keep these books in print for years to come. It would be a shame to get two years into this program only to find out the last 2 volumes (or any volumes) are out of stock and not being reprinted. I’ve seen that happen before in a similar endeavor.

  2. This format is absolutely fantastic!! I HIGHLY recommend it!

    Hopefully Tyndale will publish a high quality (leather, black letter, gold gilded pages, etc), one-volume edition of the Immerse Bible. Keep the books in their “traditional” order but include the entire 3 year Immerse Bible reading plan with page numbers.

    If they do this it could revolutionize the industry!

    I also highly recommend reading the book “Saving the Bible From Ourselves” either along with it or before starting the Immerse program. 🙂

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