Scripture Union Africa Sees the Power of a Bible in Ghana

Since 1963, Tyndale House Foundation has been involved in supporting ministry on the continent of Africa.

Scripture Union Africa is one of the many ministries that Tyndale House Foundation supports.  The former President of Scripture Union Ghana, Jude Hama, came to Tyndale House Publishers recently and shared the ongoing need for Christian literature distribution in Ghana, West Africa.  There are many challenges in reaching the hearts and minds of young people in Ghana, but Scripture Union has seen tremendous success through literature distribution programs and group study—in fact, Scripture Union has a presence in 65%-85% of the high schools throughout Ghana.

Jude said, “We have only two aims in Scripture Union. Sharing God’s good news with children, and encouraging people of all ages to meet God daily through devotional Bible reading. I am very grateful that when our needs were made known, Tyndale House Foundation chipped in.  And did so faithfully each year.”

In addition to the support that Tyndale House Foundation gives Scripture Union, Tyndale House Publishers has been instrumental in distributing Bibles to students in Ghana through cause-driven campaigns in the United States and through support of donors like Naadu Mills, the former First Lady of Ghana. 350,000 copies of the New Living Translation were produced and distributed throughout the country, giving students direct access to God’s Word through a Bible of their very own.

Tyndale House Foundation is passionate about building a thriving publishing industry on the continent of Africa—supporting many other ministries and facilitating collaboration between organizations and individuals to meet the goal of publishing Christian books by Africans for Africans.  Furthermore, it is our hope that these important works from authors in Africa will also be shared with the entire world.


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