Going beyond Genetics—Leaving a Legacy of Faith

A recent popular trend is ancestry kits. People want to know their heritage—where they came from and who they are. Throughout the Bible we see the importance of lineage. Slugging through those difficult names can seem like a burden, but the point is that each of those names has a story. It is a lineage of choices, mistakes, triumphs, joys, and sorrows.

Through Christ we are part of God’s lineage of grace. We can pass on more than just DNA to the next generation. We can leave a legacy of faith. That’s what our friend Hank is doing.

Each year he chooses a different family member and reads through a One Year Bible, making specific notes and sharing personal insights that he felt God calling him to share with that loved one. Is there a more beautiful gift than a legacy of faith and love?

“For 19 years I read a One Year Bible, and each year I dedicated it to a family member to be given to them when I die. The notes in the margin were personal, such as ‘This is my prayer for you.’ I’ve underlined,circled, and highlighted many passages, letting them know what inspires me. It is my legacy to them.” – Hank Snyder

What notes, reflections, inspirations, and prayers would you share with your loved one? What has helped guide you through God’s Word?

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6 thoughts on “Going beyond Genetics—Leaving a Legacy of Faith

  1. I am reading the WORD diligently since 1991. I had to learn to read again after global head injuries at that time. It has been a long process. Short term memory did not allow me to remember from one end of the sentence to the other.
    GOD has had me read numerous versions and now have Dorothy’s paraphased version in my memory bank. I know the references and if someone asks me to do so then I can teach to many languages now if they have a BIBLE knowledge of the Books, the chapters and verses…. only GOD!

  2. Excellent great job! I believe every believer should and must read the entire Bible. Blessings!

    1. Hi Jaqui, Our One Year Bibles are available on Tyndale.com but you can also purchase them at your local Christian bookstore, Amazon and other online retailers. Thank you for asking!

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