Combining Two Loves

For decades people who loved to color had to find excuses to participate in their favorite pastime. Coloring with children or grandchildren was considered acceptable, but coloring on your own—that’s for kids. At least it was until research found that coloring as an adult isn’t childish at all. In fact, it has great health benefits, including reducing anxiety and improving motor skills, vision, focus, and even sleep habits. No one was happier to freely be able to express herself through coloring than Lynnee.

“I just love coloring. I have always loved coloring,” said Lynnee.

Though coloring was giving her a sense of calm and she truly enjoyed it, she still felt something was missing.

“I knew there were journaling Bibles with space to create art, and I was looking for one when I stumbled upon the Inspire Bible.

As a Bible reading enthusiast, she was excited to see two of her loves combined into one—a Bible that helped you meditate on God’s Word through coloring and art journaling.

“This Bible is such an awesome tool of inspiration and just keeps me going back for more of God’s Word. It has brought me deeper in my understanding,” said Lynnee.

While Lynnee colors a verse, she meditates on it, asking God to speak to her through his Word. Then she reads the broader passage to gain a deeper understanding by reading the verse in context.

“It has brought reading the Word of God to a whole new level for me,” said Lynnee. “It is such a cool way to journey through Scripture in an artistic way. So grab one and start your colorful journey with Jesus.”

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2 thoughts on “Combining Two Loves

  1. The Inspire series of Bibles is very good! The paper is great and the NLT is an added bonus. It’s much better than some other Bibles I’ve seen from other publishers.

  2. I have been a Pastor (among other things) for years, and of course, have many Bibles. My Partner, Ann, has been an artist for a long time, with very little training. She got the “NIV Beautiful Word Bible” with 500 full color illustrations. She has made same of her own drawing in that book. It has brought her closer to the Word of God than before. So we are both very pleased with Bible with its testamentary and inspiration. Thank you (!!!!)

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