What Is Your Story?

Our lives are filled with moments. Moments of joy. Moments of sadness. Moments of agony. Moments of exhilaration. Moments when life is mundane, and sweet moments of simplicity and rest. All these moments are integral to our individual stories. Stories that intersect and diverge from others. Stories that have peaks and valleys. A story of God’s love and grace through it all.

I think that is why this video so resonates with us. We can see parts of our own stories; we can connect to the joy and to the pain. God has given us himself and his Word not for a season, but for our whole lives. And it goes far beyond that: The Bible is for all times. Through its pages, we are connected to those who have gone before us, and it is up to us to pass it on to those who will come long after us.

Watch with us. And we’d love to hear your story.

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2 thoughts on “What Is Your Story?

  1. This doesn’t share her story. Putting emotional music to an implied tragic event only serves to minimise the truth and reality of both losing a loved one and of the real comfort the father can give and the life that God has for her afterwards. There’s a need for vulnerability and truth to be shared in the church. Please let people genuinely share.

    1. We love hearing stories. Some are more willing to share than others, but it’s always good to grow in community with God’s people

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