My Story: “Aha” Moment

We love hearing stories from people using the NLT! Kristy sent us her story of discovering how readability doesn’t mean being watered down. We love how excited she is to share God’s Word with those she loves!

This version is fantastic. I am not a big fan of watering down the scripture and making it easy to read because so many times things are lost. I have been reading the Bible for 52 years. I have a deep burden for the church because so many people don’t take time to read the Bible because it takes such mental effort, and experience to be able to figure out what a verse means. Today in my regular Bible study I compared Ephesians 1 to my current translation that I use, and your translation was so close to what mine said that I became very excited, because I have grandchildren that would read the Bible if it was something that could hold their attention, and understand. I am very excited to share this new to me, translation with my family. I did notice one thing that wasn’t included in Ephesians 1 that I read was the actual reference near the end of the chapter to Psalms 8. And it may not be necessary, but I love to see the new covenant scriptures tie to the old covenant scriptures because that was the basis of the teaching all of the disciples had until Jesus came and added to that teaching. To me it seems to bring the Bible as a whole into importance, when the new teaching quotes the old teaching. To me it provides kind of like an “aha moment” look and see God knew what he was doing all along . Again, I love it, I’m so excited to share it with my family and my church family.

-Kristy C.

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