13 thoughts on “Video Story: What the NLT Means to Me

  1. I love this translation too! I losten to the English version through the OneYearBible site and read the Spanish version during my time alone with The Lord, and it really makes the message jump at me. I have given this bible to my son’s ans daughters, to my wife, I own 4 different editions (smaller for travel, bigger with large letters when teaching, and a personal size for my devotional time). Like pastor Jay, I have also done some Hebrew and Greek word studies from other translations (RVR, LBLA) and when I come back to the NTV I find the ideas that tbe original languages convey are already there in my native language. I love it! I pray that the Lord will prosper your work and ministry so the Word of God can reach many, many more people. God bless you, Tyndale House!

    1. Thank you for sharing this! We love to hear how God is using our Tyndale Bibles to speak his truth to people’s hearts!

    1. This will depend on where you purchase it and if it’s on sale. It is available at many christian bookstores, on christianbook.com, Amazon.com, and tyndale.com Thanks!

  2. Your web site to buy for folks that are not computer savvy leaves a lot to be desired!
    I wanted to look at, get a price for, and purchase a NLT study Bible. I can’t compare what they look like or go back to the original new rose colored one on your site! Is it indexed, is it identical to those that are indexed in contents?

    1. Sorry you are having issues with the site. I will pass this along to the web team. Have a great day!

  3. I find that the hardest thing to find in life is a true friend. The Bible teaches us …A friend sticks closer than a bother, they are born for adversity. A friend covers your issues in public but speaks kindly to you in private to help you grow. Greater love has no man than he would lay down his life for a friend. Of course these are all the highest goal in a friend but nevertheless we look for ruse qualities because the Bible directs us so. In addition we have the example of the friendship of Jonathan and David. David did not have to take in Jonathan’s son when he was destitute but because of his love and commitment to his deceased friend David would honor his friendship until he died. So to have a true friend is to partake of precious gold. As the saying goes “one is silver and the other GOLD.”

  4. I have to say that, the New Living Translation study Bible; has been my favorite Bible to use for all my Bible studies. I use it so much that I had to take it to have a new cover put on it. No my New Living Translation Bible is not published by Tyndale it is a application study Bible there are other translations that i like to use also. And do a comparison between the Translations. But in all the new Living Translation is the Bible for my studying.

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