New Bibles Releasing this Fall

Last month we introduced you to the new Filament Bible Collection (don’t worry if you missed it; we’ll cover it here too). We have so many great Bibles coming your way that we didn’t want you to miss any. A few came out earlier this summer and others are releasing later this fall, but here is a quick look at some amazing Bibles!

Daily Reading Bibles

The One Year Bible reading plan is the best-selling daily reading plan Bible. This fall we are releasing the next edition in our prayer-focused Bible series. In addition to the daily readings from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs, The One Year Pray for Life Bible includes daily prayer prompts that invite you to get on your knees to pray for the sanctity of life from womb to tomb. We are thankful to Joni and Friends who helped us create this Bible at a time when it’s so desperately needed. We will also be releasing the One Year Bible daily reading variety in the ESV translation. See all our One Year Bibles.

The Daily Reader’s Bible offers a fresh way to read through the Bible in one year. Each day includes three readings that draw from a theme focusing on story, teaching, and wisdom. This thematic approach to devotional Bible reading helps the reader understand how all the genres of Scripture fit together to convey God’s truth. Learn more about the Daily Reader’s Bible.

Journaling Bibles

The most recent edition to our journaling Bibles is the Inspire PRAYER Bible. It joins the Inspire family which includes the #1 selling creative journaling Bible. Inspire PRAYER has even more space to create, 400 beautiful full- and partial-page Scripture line-art illustrations to color, 32 colorful and gorgeously designed see-through vellum pages featuring prayers, and 142 Inspired Prayer journaling prompts to inspire personalized prayer. Learn more about Inspire Prayer.

We listened! We have had many requests for this, and we are excited that this fall we will be releasing our beautiful Inspire Catholic Bible in a large print edition. Learn more

Our Inspire fans can’t get enough of these beautiful Bibles. This fall we also will be releasing the bestselling Inspire Praise Bible in a softcover.

The New Filament Bible Collection

The new Filament Bible Collection combines the best of print and digital. They feature comfortable reading Bibles in an easy-to-carry size. But there is so much more! Experience mind-blowing study, devotional, and video materials at your fingertips through the Filament Bible app. Learn more about the Filament Bible Collection.

Watch Video about the new Filament Bible Collection

The Epic Bible: God’s Story from Eden to Eternity

With illustrations by top DC and Marvel artists and adapted from the NLT translation, The Epic Bible will take readers on a stunning visual journey through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. The cinematic storytelling will captivate teens, those new to the Bible or readers looking for a fresh approach to Bible reading. For more information on how comics put the KAPOW into Bible reading we’re hosting a free webinar featuring the creator of Kingstone Media, and artists from DC, Marvel, and other comics. Learn more

Watch The Epic Bible trailer

NLT Study Bible Large Print

Many people have asked and now we are able to offer the updated NLT Study Bible in large print. It will be releasing this fall. Learn more.

Bible Resources

The final volume in the Swindoll Living Insights New Testament Commentary Series, Matthew chapters 16–28 released earlier this year. For the first time, the series is now available for purchase as a complete set. Learn more.

20 thoughts on “New Bibles Releasing this Fall

  1. I’m excited about the Filament Bible. I want journaling, but typing because it’s difficult to write with tremors.

  2. I am very excited about the Daily Reader’s Bible. I like the thematic approach. I am going to pre order one today.

    1. We have a few exciting new audio Bibles projects in the works including a full NLT Bible in the 2015 edition. The following app offers an audio Bible in the NLT 2015 edition. You can download it for free

      Courage for Life App (Free)
      This app features the most recent edition of the NLT. The app is free. The audio is presented as streaming audio so it requires wi-fi or cellular data.

  3. Great news! Thanks for your hard work! What about other languages? I really love my NTVs and own several. Any new releases in Spanish? Thanks. Gos bless you.

    1. Great question! Our Spanish publishing team does an amazing job with their Bibles! You can follow the NTV on Instagram and see all the Spanish Bibles that are available on

  4. I am excited for the Filament Bible, but wish it were available in ESV. I will probably be trying it out in NLT though.

  5. Super excited about the new bible collection and have my eyes set on the Epic Bible for my younger siblings as well as the Inspire Bible collection. I live is South Africa and was wondering about the buying, ordering and shipping of products, methods which you use. Would you offer some advice or suggestions thereof.

    Also, is a specific book about William Tyndale that one can read and access from NLT?

  6. I purchased the filament bible and now you’re offering it again. Is this different? Or can you update the app that I already have?

    1. The app is already updated! That’s the great thing about the app we are able to continually update it! Thanks for the question!

    1. That is a good question! I think it would depend on the tween. Does the Tween enjoy comics? Many of the artists that worked on this Bible also work on DC and Marvel comic books. I am pasting a link to a digital sampler so you can take a peak of what it looks like on the inside. The sampler only include portions of the EPIC Bible but it will give you a taste of what it’s like

  7. We miss such beautiful material here in Africa . what a blessing it could be if availed with material of the kind .

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